G&S Sales is an industry leading manufacturer’s representative agency in the plumbing and irrigation business, and has been serving the Mountain States for nearly 25 years. The company was started in 1990 by Bill Godwin and John Schultz as a merger of BBG and Associates and JWS Sales. Schultz and Godwin retired in 2006 and 2011, respectively, and passed the torch to Clay Smith and Dan Lowe. Lowe retired in 2016 and today the company is led by Smith.  Providing superior service to both our manufacturers and our customers has always been our top priority.

G & S Sales has six full-time outside salesmen, with five based in Utah and one in Boise, Idaho, as well as a fully-staffed inside sales and customer service department at the warehouse and office location. The office and warehouse are  located in the heart of Salt Lake, making it easier for customers to quickly access products. The Warehouse is operated by a staff with an average tenure of fifteen years at G&S. Because of our dedicated employees, 42,200 square foot warehouse, and innovative operation, G&S Sales brings the most complete selling organization in the industry devoted to Utah and Southern Idaho.

G&S Sales works strictly through the wholesale distribution chain to bring products to the plumbing, irrigation, industrial, and hydronics markets. We also call on engineers and contractors to build brand awareness and meet their needs. G&S territory covers Utah, Southern Idaho, Eastern Oregon, Eastern Nevada, and the Western side of Wyoming.



Our warehouse encompasses over 42,000 square feet. Because of G&S Sales' central location in Salt Lake City, customers can quickly access our products.